New Zealand

Travelers: up to 15
Days: 14 days
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Trip Length
14 days
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up to 15

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New Zealand Meetup Tour

Get ready for views that you thought you could only dream of. New Zealand has it all with the clearest blue lakes, snow capped glaciers, lush green forests and towering fiords.

This is a trip of a lifetime as you will experience days that will surely spike your imagination. We’ll take a photography class to call on your creativity, taste chocolates and wines to test your tastebuds and have opportunity to push your boundaries with exclusive fun filled days. After spending time in New Zealand, you will never want to go back home. 

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Moody morning at Devils Punchbowl Falls


Kayak the Southern Alps with panoramic glacier views.

Take a masterclass with a professional photographer.

Look up at trillions of stars with a giant telescope on a star gazing tour.

Get your golden tickets ready for a chocolate factory tour.

Marvel the turquoise blue shades of glowworm cave.

Enjoy local wines and cheeses on a winery tour. 


Christchurch Female Solo Tours

Day 1
Christchurch Airport pickup

Welcome to New Zealand! A country famous for its incredible scenery, glaciers, hot springs and wildlife.

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Our driver will pick you up from the airport and bring you to our hotel to check in. Tonight we meet the group at our welcome dinner.

New Zealand Solo Female Tour

Day 2
Lake Tepako

The night sky in New Zealand will surely light up your imagination as we end our first full day with the most astonishing star gazing you have ever seen!

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This morning we are off to go on a cultural walking tour where you will learn about the traditional Māori people and hear settlers’ stories and ways of life. Next up, we head to Tekapo hot springs! Which is three hot pools that are filled from an underground source near Tekapo; where the water is exceptionally pure. Later on, during star gazing we use special telescopes and Astro-lasers for easy naked-eye viewing. Meals: breakfast

Flying on a New Zealand Tour for Women

Day 3
Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park

Take a much needed rest day today, or chose to go on two adventure filled experiences sure to be a highlight of the trip!

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Today we head off to Aoraki, where you will have the opportunity to take some well deserved rest time. Not someone who likes to sit still? We will have two optional adventures this day. 

Ultimate Alpine Experience – Fly in a ski plane and a helicopter on the same day for an unforgettable experience of Aoraki/Mount Cook. Enjoy a scenic adventure that includes a glacier snow landing on the Tasman Glacier! 

Omarama Clay Cliffs – Look up at these incredible and imposing cliffs, with natural rock pinnacles that tower up into the sky above. These otherworldly formations are made up of layers of gravel and silt, originally formed by the flow from ancient glaciers over a million years ago. Meals: breakfast


Sunrise on a solo female tour

Day 4
Aoraki Mount Cook

Get your cameras ready for a humbling and extraordinary experience as we watch the sunrise amongst the icebergs at Tasman Lake while watching the first light of the day kiss the top of Aoraki.

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 This afternoon, we take a photography masterclass where you will learn how to capture the beautiful images you’ve seen in this trip by spending a day with nature photographer! This class will suit anyone from just using your iPhone, to professional camera setups. (All landscape photos in this itinerary were taken by her). Afterwards, we will head to Hooker Valley for a 5km hike that has it all – towering mountain peaks, glacial rivers, valley views and visit the impressive Hooker Glacier lake with an uninhibited view of Mt Cook! Meals: breakfast


Sunset on solo female tour

Day 5

Get your golden tickets ready because we are taking a chocolate factory tour! Learn about chocolate making right from where cacao is grown to how it is crafted into the bar we all know and love.

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We’re off to Dunedin to see the  mysterious Moeraki boulders! Afterwards, we head to eat lunch at Fleur’s Place, which is by the water and looking across the bay towards the Moeraki Boulders is quite unique! This world renowned seafood cafe and restaurant sits in the sleepy town of Moeraki and its fame precedes it. Then, walk inside the factory and see how to roast, grind, temper and wrap chocolate by hand. You can even taste the difference between cacao from Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Fiji and walking away feeling like Mr. Wanka himself. Meals: breakfast, lunch


Day 6
Te Anau

Take a trip to the Te Anau Glowworm Caves with a cruise to the western shores of Lake Te Anau.

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This morning, we head Te Anau to see the glowworm caves! This astonishingly beautiful, underground world is where you will experience a mysterious world of rushing water before drifting in silent darkness beneath the luminous shimmer of hundreds of glowworms.  Meals: breakfast


Milford Sound tour for females

Day 7
Milford Sound

Look up and watch the towering fiords pass us by as we sail the Milford Sound's clear blue waters.

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Get your sneakers ready because we are going on a hike to Key Summit to see with panoramic views over mountains and alpine lakes. On a still day, the reflections from the small tarn (mountain lake) at the top are quite magical. Later this evening, we will jump on our Milford sound overnight cruise that goes far beyond the ordinary visitor experience. You’ll be served a three-course meal in the cosy saloon, where you can order drinks from the fully licensed bar and relax in the company of like-minded travelers. Meals: breakfast, dinner


Milford Sound Tours for solo women

Day 8

Relax and enjoy your surroundings with a unique Onsen hot tub experience!

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After enjoying a free morning, we will have a bit of a relaxing afternoon. The idyllic cedar-lined hot tubs have long been a highlight for Queenstown visitors and locals alike. A unique kiwi twist on a Japanese tradition, you will have exclusive use of one of the classic indoor cedar tubs for 60 minutes as you kick back. Meals: breakfast.


Fun on a solo female new Zealand tour

Day 9

Today is a free day for you to adventure! We will have the option to choose four very different but very fun adrenaline activities.

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Jet boat RideEnjoy an unmissable experience with the exhilaration of a wilderness jet boat ride combined with a leisurely downstream float on the Funyaks (inflatable kayaks). 

ZipliningJourney through the forest on six incredible ziplines with stunning views across Lake Wakatipu to the Remarkables mountain range. The Kea tour finishes with a zipline ride that descends 30 stories at speeds of up to 70 kph! A truly unique way to get down the mountain.

Skyline Gondola + Luge RidesTake the gondola up for the best view over Queenstown. You’ll be carried 450 metres above Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu to Meals: breakfastthe top of Bob’s Peak, where you’ll enjoy a spectacular 220 degree panorama with breath-taking views. Then jump aboard the luge for a few thrilling rides down the mountain.

Bungy jumping or Nevis SwingWelcome to the best thing you’ve ever done. Go full throttle with our 134m Bungy (the highest in New Zealand). Introducing the Most Famous Swing in the World – and we don’t say that lightly. It’s big, it’s bad and it’s loud (if you consider every shriek of every person who’s had a go). Meals: breakfast


Wine tour for women in New Zealand

Day 10

Who's ready for a nice cheese platter paired with local New Zealand wine tasting?

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After some free time in the morning, we head off to a wine & Māori culture tour, where you will enjoy a cheese platter and tastings of 15-20 wines, including Pinot Noir, Rose, Sav Blanc, Chardonnay and even a Blondie or Honi. All while visiting boutique and more personalised Central Otago wineries in the Wanaka, Tarras, Cromwell and Queenstown area. Meals: breakfast


New Zealand female tour

Day 11

Plant a native tree as part of your eco-experience. This is a unique opportunity to give back to this special island and New Zealand’s environment.

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Enjoy a boat cruise on Lake Wanaka followed by a unique nature walk on Mou Waho Island, home to the rare flightless Buff Weka. Here we will take a guided tour, which takes you up to reveal the island’s secret – a lake right on top of the island! Unique and very photogenic. Or you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the birdlife at the beach and shelter at the island base with your own morning or afternoon tea. You can even Meals: breakfast


Day 12
West Coast

Enjoy a hike to a setting with water so blue you won't believe your eyes.

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After we head to the west coast, we will wander through beautiful native forests and over a swing bridge to experience the pristine waters of Makarora River’s Blue Pools, set in New Zealand’s beautiful beach forest. After this we will have a chill afternoon to relax and have some free time! Meals: breakfast


Day 13

Take in the panoramic views of the Southern Alps, glaciers, and untouched Jurassic rainforest reflected on the glassy waters of Lake Mapourika on a Kayak.

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Today, It’s time for our Kayak Adventure. Paddle into the heart of the Okarito Kiwi Sanctuary, exploring the protected area with your knowledgeable guide. This evening you will get to hand carve your own suvenier to take home! This is where you will experience the NZ carving tradition. You will be able to understand what carving is all about and immerse yourself awe inspiring in the Maori culture! Meals: breakfast



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“I joined the SoFe Network on Facebook 3 years ago but joined the membership because I wanted to interact with people without the weirdness of Facebook social boundaries. It absolutely worked, and I’ve made so many friends and been on quite a few zoom events. The events are amazing, the people are amazing, best chance to get to know people in the network!” Kirsten | Membership

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“I had always wanted to go to Morocco but I was hesitant to go alone which normally I have no problem doing. I saw this trip advertised on the Solo Female Traveler Network Facebook page and the more I looked into it the more I wanted to go. So I did..and let me tell you that it was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on…seriously.” Jennifer H. | Morocco

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“I have been on three tours with these ladies, and I can not even explain how amazing my experiences have been. It’s so much more than just a tour. I have made life-long friends who understand my wanderlust, met local people who taught me the warmth and kindness of the places we’ve visited, and I have left feeling empowered to travel more.” Megan S. | Bali